Tidbits of Research

Episode 8 - Laura Yan and Maddie Reynolds

June 4, 2021

My guests today are two very dear friends, Laura Yan and Maddie Reynolds. Laura is a PhD Candidate in history at Columbia University, and her research focuses on changes in migrant port workers' everyday life in Singapore from 1945 to 1979 and Indian Ocean networks of migration and capital that connected Singapore with Hong Kong and Bombay. Maddie is finishing up her PhD in English at Cornell University, studying representations of animals in a few 19th century novels (like Frankenstein or Alice in Wonderland), and she has accepted a Humanities Scholars Program postdoctoral fellowship position with the Society for the Humanities for the 2021-2022 academic year. We talk today about research in the fields of History and English, the similarities between these two fields as far as pursuing a PhD goes, transitioning to writing for your thesis, as well as how they felt undergrad prepared them for grad school. 


Our music is “float-and-fly” by goldguardtele.

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