Tidbits of Research

Episode 14 - Emily Riehl

August 27, 2021

My guest today is Emily Riehl, Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at Johns Hopkins University. Her research is on higher category theory and homotopy theory, and we dive into category theory in our chat: what it is, what category theorists do, what kinds of questions she’s interested in answering (which also brings us to higher dimensional categories, so stay tuned for that!). She received the Association for Women in Mathematics’ 2021 Joan and Joseph Birman Research Prize in Topology and Geometry, she’s a co-host of the n-Category Café and was a founding member of Spectra.

We also talk about a few of the mathematical books she’s written, what playing Australian rules football was like (other than tons of fun), but also her interest in music (her old band, Unstraight, just released the EP they started recording back in 2015, and you can check it out here).


Our music is “float-and-fly” by goldguardtele.



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